Products specifications
First Floor Sq.Ft. 1480
Second Floor Sq.Ft. n/a
Total Sq.Ft. 1480
Bedrooms 3
Full Baths 2
Half Baths 0
Width (feet) 40
Width (inches) 0
Depth (feet) 50
Depth (inches) 4
Foundation Type Slab Foundation
Exterior wall size 2x4
Approx. Height FF to Ridge 21-1
Approx. Height Foundation to Ridge 21-1
First Floor Height 9
Second Floor Height n/a
Basement Height n/a
Basement Opt. Fin. Sq.Ft. 0
Opt. Sec. Floor Sq.Feet 0
Opt. Future Bedrooms 0
Opt. Future Full Baths 0
Opt. Future Half Baths 0
Roof Pitch (Main) 6/12
Roof Pitch (Front Gable) 8/12
Garage Door Size 8-0/6-8